What is Jornament? is a visual essay created by artists Shannon Bool, Hadley+Maxwell and Jay Tan making use of enlarged copies of the English translation of Asger Jorn’s text ‘What is an Ornament?’ from 1948. The text is taken from the book “Fraternité Avant Tout – Asger Jorn’s writings on art and architecture, 1938-1958.” Editor: Ruth Baumeister. Translator: Paul Larkin. Publisher:010 Publishers.

In their response to the text the contributors made use of a variety of materials that were brought to or resulted from the workshop Pillar Huggers at Or Gallery, Berlin which was held in January 2015 and also culminated in an intimate exhibition. Christoph Keller (who did not participate in the workshop) contributed the cover image of the visual essay. Participants in the workshop were: Johann Arens, Shannon Bool, Hilde de Bruijn, Hadley+Maxwell, Antonis Pittas, and although not physically present, Klaus Weber.


jorn (cover) copy


jorn196 copyjorn197 copyjorn198 copyjorn199 copyjorn200 copyjorn201 copyjorn202 copyjorn203 copyjorn204 copyjorn205 copyjorn206 copyjorn208 copyjorn209 copyjorn210 copyjorn211 copyjorn212 copy


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